7 Essential Law Firm Systems You Need to Scale Your Law Firm to 7 Figures (Plus, 3 Mistakes to AVOID)

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In this 90-minute, on-demand masterclass, Davina Frederick, attorney, law firm growth strategist and 9-year business coach for women law firm owners shares with you the seven essential law firm systems every law firm needs if they want to scale their law firm business to and thru $1M with total ease.

In addition to that, she shares with you three mistakes she's not only made but witnessed many other women law firm owners make so you don't have to make them, too!

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In just 6 months, my monthly revenue increased by over 250%. I have developed systems that work for me and my firm, and I am well on my way to a great work-life balance. I can’t say enough about how Davina’s guidance has helped me lay out a clear path to the career I really want.

Sara Jones, Sara Jones Law, P.A.